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Oregon Heritage Commission

The Byrd School House now at the Umatilla County Historical Museum in Pendleton. (Scenic photo No. umaD0110)

The Byrd School House now at the Umatilla County Historical Museum in Pendleton. (Oregon State Archives Photo umaD0110)

Oregon’s heritage is more than history, and it is more than historic artifacts or documents in a museum. It is brick on an historic downtown building, hand-hewn beams in a homestead barn, smoke rising from a powwow campfire and sounds from a community celebration. Heritage is stories about people and places and traditions handed down by elders.

The mission of the Oregon Heritage Commission is to secure, sustain and enhance Oregon’s heritage by coordinating heritage initiatives by public and private organizations; advocating for all levels of support for heritage; educating the public about its extent and value; and promoting and celebrating its diversity.

Established by the 1995 Legislature, the commission is composed of nine gubernatorial appointments, who represent the geographic and cultural diversity of the state, and nine advisory members. The advisory commissioners represent the Oregon Historical Society, the State Library, the State Archives, the State Historic Preservation Office, the State Historic Records Advisory Board, the Department of Education, the Oregon University System, the Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Oregon Tourism Commission.

The commission is housed within the State Parks and Recreation Department and is a statewide partner of the Oregon Cultural Trust.


Kyle Jansson, Coordinator
Address: 725 Summer St. NE, Suite C, Salem 97301
Phone: 503-986-0673
Fax: 503-986-0793