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(Scenic photo DSC22_43)




McMinnville map

About the photo
The crucifixion of Jesus is depicted in a dramatic monument at the St. James Catholic Cemetery in McMinnville. Many monuments from the early 1900s featured impressive artwork. (Scenic photo DSC22_43)


About the cemetery

St. James Catholic Cemetery

Yamhill County
Established ca. 1900
ca. 1,442 burials


St. James Catholic Cemetery is the burial site for major league baseball player Billy Sullivan Sr. Sullivan,
a catcher who played in the early 1900s, is credited for his ability to handle pitchers, and with innovations such as the inflatable chest protector. Famed player Ty Cobb described Sullivan as the best catcher “ever to wear shoe leather.” Sullivan retired to a Newberg farm in 1916 and died in 1965.