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(Scenic photo DSC59_22)




Echo map

About the photo
Evocative monuments from the early 1900s mark the graves of three children at the Echo Memorial Cemetery. The cemetery, on the outskirts of Echo, has many impressive markers. (Scenic photo DSC59_22)


About the cemetery

Echo Memorial Cemetery

Umatilla County
Established ca. 1868
ca. 1,705 burials


Lucinda Powell Propst died on the Oregon Trail in 1852 and was originally buried along Butter Creek, just west of Echo. In the early 1990s, descendants moved her remains, along with those of her newborn twins, to the Echo Memorial Cemetery. Tragically, Lucinda's husband, Anthony, died shortly after arriving in the Willamette Valley, leaving their five children, who crossed the plains, to fend as orphans.