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(Scenic photo D8C_7773)




Portland map

About the photo
Lawns and forested areas surround one of many curved walls holding the remains of veterans at the Willamette National Cemetery south of Portland. The cemetery also has a Korean War memorial. (Scenic photo D8C_7773)


About the cemetery

Willamette National Cemetery

Clackamas County
Established 1950
ca. 163,453 burials


Numerous Medal of Honor Recipients are buried at Willamette National Cemetery, along with U.S. Marine Corps Aviator Col. Kenneth Ruesser. Flying 253 combat missions, he was the only man to survive being "downed" in three wars. After earning 59 medals, he is considered the most decorated pilot in Marine Corps history. U.S. Senator and Governor Mark O. Hatfield is also buried here.