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Century Farms and Ranches Web Exhibit

Dwane Richardson (right), son Kirk, and grandson Alexander, pose in front of the family's Century Farm sign. The farm started in Lane County in 1848. (Richardson Family photo)

Dwane Richardson (right), son Kirk, and grandson Alexander, pose in front of the family's Century Farm sign. The farm started in Lane County in 1848. The Richardson Farm is one of many Oregon farms and ranches dating back more than 150 years that are illustrated in this Web exhibit. (Richardson Family photo)

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150 logodeltaExhibit introduction

Birdseye Ranch
About the ranch
Old barn and horse
Rebuilt historic ranch house
Rustic barn


Coon Farm (1850)
About the farm
Farmhouse in 1908
Family portrait in 1887
Posing in car in 1913
Toddler on combine in 1961


Ford Farm (1852)
About the farm
Red barn
Rustic barn and sky


Hattan Farm (1847)
About the farm
4th of July float in 1915
Wearing a pioneer dress in 1959
Horse grazing in pasture
1893 vintage farmhouse
Farm in autumn


Heater Farm (1852)
About the farm
Horses and barn in 1940
Firing up 1888 steam engine in 1952
Showing Angora goats in 1950
Showing steers in 1957
Family next to pond in 1970
Strawberry field in the 1960s

Herrling-Arnold-Brock Farm (1854)
About the farm
Herrling and Arnold families in 1942
1910 Herrling farmhouse
Herrling Family in 1933


Jackson-Martinak Farm (1853)
About the farm
Farm work in the 1930s
Clover field
Farmhouse in 1912
Toddler and sheep in 1992
Children on oat bags in 1910
1905 barn replica


Kow Kamp Ranch (1851)
About the ranch
Davenport Family portrait in 1882
Ewe and lamb
Early Davenports
Showing Cheviot sheep in 1948
Henry Davenport in the 1970s
Showing a stallion in 1912


McKay Farm (1856)
About the farm
Sesquicentennial Award ceremony


Rice Ranch (1853)
About the ranch
Raising a barn door
Horse drawn harrow in 1925
Loading logs in the 1990s
Shearing sheep in 1960
Operating sawmill in 1990
Ranch house in the early 1900s
Standing by Century Ranch sign


Richardson Farm (1848)
About the farm
Kirk Richardson Family in 1895
Family children in 1962
Hay for sale sign and farm in 1975
Three generations of family in 2001


Scott Farm (1849)
About the farm
Stacking grain bags in 1938
Trimming trees in 2001
Contract workers in the 1920s
George and Guy Scott in 1935
Maryann and Guy Scott in 2001
Road crew in the 1920s


Trullinger-Friedrich Farm (1852)
About the farm
Early 1900s family farmhouse
Sawmill in the early 1900s
Union Mills feed mill
Father and sons in 1946
Farmhouse and grounds
Union Mills in 1910
Bob Friedrich and farmhouse


Vaughan Farm (1844)
About the farm
Farm pioneers in the late 1800s
Early 1880s Vaughan farmhouse
Family reunion in 1903