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"Oregon Adventure!" by:

Jake Hale, Essay Contest Runner-up
Scott Buchanan’s Eighth Grade Class
Crook County Middle School, Prineville


Steins Pillar towers over the forest in the Ochoco Mountains. (Oregon State Archives)

Steins Pillar towers over the forest in the Ochoco Mountains. (Oregon State Archives)


Oregon’s forests are great places to take a friend out who’s never been to Oregon. From Spring there’s horseback riding, turkey hunting, and even the start of fishing. Then there’s Fall, the start of hunting season. My most favorite time of the year.


If I was to have a friend come over to Oregon and stay here, I’d take him out too the Ochoco Mountains. They are a great place for mostly any outdoor activity and have a wide expanse of land. Plus, the Ochocos are my backyard. I’ve been around them most of my life and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.


Since I grew up in a hunting family, I would take my friend out hunting. I’d take him out just for the experience of the beauty of nature and the thrill of being able to provide for you and your family. Whether it be coyotes or sage rats, we’d still have a great time. This is what I do, no one can take it away from me. This is what we find fun in around Central Oregon. I know that that friend who would be coming here would have a blast being in the outdoors of Oregon.


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