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Web Exhibits

Rural schools | Student essays | Diverse landscapes | Oregon beaches | Woman suffrage | Blue Book centennial | Century farms & ranches | Depression Era public works | Lewis and Clark Exposition | Oregon trademarks | Oregon at work | Oregon counties tour | Capitol tour

First Featured exhibit: Oregon's Early Rural Schools

The 1909 Toledo High School football team. (Lincoln County Historical Society)


Early Rural Schools - photos, artwork and memorabilia from a colorful era in Oregon education

Second Featured exhibit: Oregon Student Essays

A drawing from a student essay


Oregon Student Essays - thoughts on what makes Oregon special from current students

Third Featured exhibit: Oregon's Diverse County Landscapes

A red barn along Highway 82 between Enterprise and Joseph.


Diverse County Landscapes - a photo from each county celebrating the wide range of Oregon scenery


exhibits from Previous Oregon Blue Books

Bob Straub State Park


Protecting Oregon Beaches - a look at how we use the beaches and our efforts to protect them



Blue Book cover


Oregon Blue Book Centennial - celebrating 100 years of Oregon's official almanac and fact book


The Awakening image


Woman Suffrage Centennial - celebrating 100 years of women voting in Oregon



4-H members Jim Heater (right), future wife Shirley Eggiman, and Elvin (Butch) Martin display prize winning steers at the Marion County Fair in 1957. (Heater Family photo)


Century Farms & Ranches - at the heart of Oregon history for over 150 years



Yaquina River Bridge


Depression Era Public Works - art, architecture and engineering to spur the ailing economy



Lewis and Clark Exposition


Lewis and Clark Exposition - memorabilia from 1905 fair in Portland




Historical Oregon Trademarks

Historical Oregon Trademarks - labels from around Oregon over the decades



Oregon at Work

Oregon at Work - workers from around Oregon over the decades



Tour Oregon's Counties

Tour Oregon's Counties - scenic images from each of Oregon's counties


Tour the Oregon Capitol

Tour the Oregon Capitol - colorful views of the statehouse