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Oregon Movies: The Way West

The Way West

The Way West

Directed by Andrew V. McLaglen

Starring Kirk Douglas, Robert Mitchum, and Richard Widmark

Copyright © 1967

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Not rated


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Oregon connection

Filmed in the Crooked River Gorge and Lane County in 1967.


About this movie (by Dan Pavlides, Rovi)

"Senator William J. Tadlock (Kirk Douglas) enlists the help of veteran scout Dick Summers (Robert Mitchum) to lead a wagon train of settlers from Missouri to Oregon in this plodding, routine western.


A scared settler accidently shoots an Indian boy who is mistaken for a wolf, prompting Summers to order newlywed triggerman Johnny Mack (Michael Witney) to be hanged to avoid an Indian attack. Sally Field appears in her first big-screen role as the slatternly Mercy McBee."


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