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Oregon Games

Pictograph Puzzlers
Decypher the drawings to guess the city names.
Challenge 1 - kinda hard
Challenge 2 - kinda hard
Challenge 3 - kinda hard
Challenge 4 - kinda hard
Challenge 5 - kinda hard
Crossword Puzzles
If you think you know a lot about Oregon, prove it with these challenging crosswords.
Notable Oregonians puzzle - easier
Oregon Almanac puzzle - harder
Oregon counties puzzle - harder
Oregon history puzzle - harder
Word Scrambles
Challenge yourself with these brain-teasers based on some very mixed up words related to Oregon.
Oregon counties scramble - easier
State symbols scramble - harder
Oregon cities scramble - harder
Word Matches
Play the Oregon match game. Draw lines to connect the related items from the columns.
Oregon counties match - easier
State symbols match - easier
Notable Oregonians match - harder
Maze Puzzlers
Can you help us find these missing state symbols by navigating the following set of mazes? Don't get lost!
Father of Oregon maze - easier
State animal maze - easier
State flag maze
- easier
State seal maze - easier
Word Search Puzzles
You'll really need to concentrate to solve these puzzles. Can you find all of the words hidden inside the block of letters?
State symbols word search - easier
Oregon counties word search - easier
Notable Oregonians word search - harder


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