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Oregon Games: Oregon Counties Crossword Puzzle

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Can you identify all of Oregon's 36 counties? Step right up and give it a try!


Print out this puzzle and complete it with pencil or pen. See the Oregon Counties section for clues.


Kids Games: Oregon Counties Crossword Puzzle


Puzzle solution!


2. Has both the Alvord Desert and Steens Mountain.
3. Oregon's "banana belt" on the coast next to California.
6. See both Eagle Cap Wilderness and Hells Canyon here.
7. La Grande is county seat.
9. Home to Oregon's biggest city.
13. Oregon Caves National Monument is here.
14. Home to the fascinating Kam Wah Chung Museum.
15. Sumpter Gold Dredge is here.
20. Known for rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park.
22. Go here for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.
23. Home of Oregon State University.
24. Bordered by Deschutes and John Day rivers.
27. Western Oregon University is here.
30. Southeast county home to Basque shepherds.
31. Albany is the county seat.
32. The Dalles is here on the Columbia River.
33. Home to Oregon's high-tech "Silicon Forest."
1. Home of wineries and the Evergreen Aviation Museum.
3. Astoria Column stands here.
4. Home of the Ducks sports teams.
5. A great view of the Columbia River from St. Helens.
6. Search for fossils right in the Fossil county seat.
7. Let-er-buck here at the Pendleton Round-up.
8. Big timber county that includes Wildlife Safari.
10. Go here for cheese and ocean breezes.
11. Known for fruit orchards and windsurfing.
12. Go here for boating on Lake Billy Chinook.
16. Crater Lake National Park home.
17. Heart of the Ochoco Mountains.
18. Has lumber port on the big south coast bay.
19. Fort Rock is in the desert here.
21. Oregon City is county seat.
25. State Capitol is here.
26. Historic courthouse at Heppner is here.
28. Condon is the county seat.
29. Go here to see the Oregon Coast Aquarium.


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