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Oregon Games: Oregon History Crossword Puzzle

What was Oregon like before I was born? This crossword puzzle has some clues.


Print out this puzzle and complete it with pencil or pen. See the Oregon History section for clues.


Kids Games: Oregon History Crossword Puzzle


Puzzle solution!


1. 1857 gathering to advance Oregon statehood.
5. Boston captain who sail the Oregon coast in 1788-1789.
7. Robed, racist group popular in 1920s Oregon.
12. Animal that attracted trappers to Oregon in the early 1800s.
14. Salmon packing houses along the Columbia River.
17. Hudson's Bay Company base on the Columbia River.
18. Package of loans and college payments offered to veterans.
19. Depression Era work program for youth.
21. Roosevelt program to lift country out of Depression.
22. Governor who declared Oregon beaches to be public property.
23. Location of meeting about forming provisional government.
24. Prey bird that symbolized 1990s environmental conflict.
2. Large army camp near Corvallis during World War II.
3. Huge hydroelectric dam completed on Columbia River in 1930s.
4. Polluted Oregon river that drew Tom McCall's attention.
6. Six word motto of the "good roads" campaign.
8. Transport vessels built by Kaiser during World War II.
9. Oregon shoe company that grew into a giant.
10. 1850 law that allowed land claims by Oregon settlers.
11. Methodist missionary to Oregon in 1830s.
13. Minority that was interned during World War II.
15. Set of reforms that included initiative and referendum.
16. Nickname for small-scale logging operators.
20. Elephant-like creatures that lived in Oregon 15,000 years ago.