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Oregon Games: Oregon Almanac Crossword Puzzle Solution

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Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle. All of the words used in this puzzle are in the Oregon Almanac.


Kids Games: Oregon Almanac Crossword Puzzle Solution


3. Location of a lighthouse near Tillamook.
4. Oregon national monument with stalagtites.
7. Mother of Oregon.
9. Highest waterfall in Oregon.
12. Nobel Peace Prize winner for 1962.
14. State nut.
15. State flower.
16. State fish.
18. Oregon's neighboring state to the north.
20. Oregon's only national grassland.
21. Abbreviation for mountain.
22. State tree.
23. Deepest gorge in United States.
1. One of two national fish hatcheries in Oregon (Estacada).
2. Deepest lake in the United States.
5. State dance.
6. Father of Oregon.
8. Oregon's tallest building.
10. State gemstone.
11. One of the largest hydropower projects in Oregon.
13. Mountain range that includes Oregon's highest peak.
17. Largest county by physical size.
19. State fruit.


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