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Oregon Games: Notable Oregonians Crossword Puzzle Solution

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Here are the answers to the Notable Oregonians crossword puzzle. See the Notable Oregonians Guide for clues.

Kids Games: Notable Oregonians Crossword Puzzle Solution


2. Filmmaker and director of Good Will Hunting movie.
5. Famous Oregon Zoo elephant born in 1962.
6. Oregon Governor from 1967-75 known for environmentalism.
9. American President when Great Depression hit.
10. Led the Corps of Discovery with Lewis in early 1800s.
11. Won four swimming gold medals at 1964 Olympics.
12. Oregon chemist who won two Nobel Prizes.
13. Missionary who died in 1847 Walla Walla massacre.
14. Popular University of Oregon track star who died young.
1. Founder of Nike athletic clothing company.
3. Native American woman who helped Lewis and Clark.
4. TV journalist formerly on NBC's Today Show.
7. Known as the Father of Oregon.
8. Female dancer who teamed with Fred Astaire in movies.


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