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What is your favorite state symbol?
State Fish: Chinook Salmon
State Bird: Western Meadowlark
State Animal: Beaver
State Crustacean: Dungeness Crab free polls 
What is your favorite class?
Social Studies
Other (Art, Science, etc.) free polls 
How many hours should school last each day?
8 hours
6 hours
4 hours
2 hours
0 hours free polls 
Who is your favorite Oregonian in history?
Abigail Scott Duniway (Women's rights leader)
John McLoughlin (Father of Oregon)
Tom McCall (Oregon Governor)
Sacagawea (Native American explorer) free polls 
What is your favorite place in Oregon?
The mountains
The coast
The valleys
The deserts
The cities
My community free polls 
What's your favorite sport to play?
Track and field
Other (Gymnastics, etc.) free polls 
What do you most like to do on vacation?
Travel and explore Oregon and beyond
Go to camp
Play sports
Play video games
Go to summer school
Nothing. I just want to veg out! free polls 
Should the beaver stay on the Oregon flag?
Yes, it's good the way it is
Yes, but make the beaver look different
No, put a duck on it
No, put a chinook salmon on it
No, don't put anything on the back of the flag free polls 
What would you like to do when you grow up?
Become an astronaut and go to Mars
Be President of the United States
Be a teacher
Be a video game designer
I'd like to decide later.... free polls 


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