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Your Polls: Teens and Adults

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What is the biggest challenge facing Oregon?
Health care
The economy
Social cohesion free polls 
Who can best solve Oregon's problems?
Republican Party
Democratic Party
Libertarian Party
Green Party
Other free polls 
Oregon's most important politician was...
Gov. Tom McCall
Gov. Oswald West
U.S. Sen. Charles McNary
U.S. Sen. and Gov. Mark Hatfield free polls 
Would you pay more taxes to improve Oregon's infrastructure?
Yes, we need to invest in the future
No, I can't afford the taxes I pay now
Yes, but only the really dangerous stuff
No, let private investors tackle it and profit free polls 
Should Oregon pay for sports facilities to attract professional teams?
No, we already have too much traffic
Yes, it's time to enter the big leagues
No, the team and investors should pay
Yes, if it looks like they will pay off in jobs free polls 
Health care in Oregon should be...
Single-payer and available to all
Free market available for a fee
A hybrid like the federal law
State-based, not federal free polls 
Oregon statewide land use laws should be...
Strong to protect livability
Weak to let local communities decide
Modified to allow more flexibility
Abolished to let individuals decide free polls 
Should drivers pay a mileage-based fee to drive on freeways?
Yes, we should pay for what we use
No, it's too intrusive
No, it should be paid with other tax money
Yes, but only in the Portland area free polls 
Do you support a sales tax in Oregon?
Yes, we need to balance the tax base
No new taxes. Period!
Yes, but only with strict limits
Yes, but only if other taxes went down free polls 


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