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Oregon Quizzes: State Symbols

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You'll get feedback right away with this InstaQuiz. Count up your correct answers and challenge your friends to beat you! Hint: Check out the state symbols pages for clues.


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  1. Which of these is the official Oregon state animal?
a. Duck
b. Beaver
c. Cougar
d. Elk

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  2. Name the official state beverage:
a. Wine
b. Apple juice
c. Beer
d. Milk

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  3. What is the official state dance?
a. Square Dance
b. Waltz
c. Tango
d. Twist

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  4. Which of these is the official state bird?
a. Robin
b. Blue Jay
c. Western Meadowlark
d. Roadrunner

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  5. What is the official state fish?
a. Catfish
b. Steelhead
c. Rainbow Trout
d. Chinook Salmon

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  6. Name the official state tree:
a. Douglas-fir
b. Ponderosa Pine
c. Big Leaf Maple
d. Oregon Ash

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  7. Which of these is the official state nut?
a. Walnut
b. Hazelnut
c. Pecan
d. Cashew

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  8. What is the official state mushroom?
a. Shitake
b. Button
c. Pacific Golden Chanterelle
d. Portabello

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  9. Name the official state insect:
a. Western Bumblebee
b. Carpenter Ant
c. Mosquito
d. Oregon Swallowtail Butterfly

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  10. Which of these is the official state fruit?
a. Apple
b. Pear
c. Grape
d. Strawberry
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