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Oregon Quizzes: Notable Oregonians

  The Oregonian

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You'll get feedback right away with this InstaQuiz. Count up your correct answers and challenge your friends to beat you! Hint: Check out the Notable Oregonians Guide for clues.


Joseph Lane, Tom McCall, John McLoughlin, Herbert Hoover
  1. Who did the Oregon Legislature describe as the "Father of Oregon"?
a. Joseph Lane
b. Tom McCall
c. John McLoughlin
d. Herbert Hoover

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  2. Who explored Oregon with Meriwether Lewis in the early 1800s?
a. Thomas Condon
b. James K. Polk
c. Samuel Barlow
d. William Clark

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  3. Who is the only Oregonian to win two Nobel prizes?
a. Linus Pauling
b. Matt Groening
c. Steve Prefontaine
d. Carl E. Wieman

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  4. Which Oregonian appeared weekday mornings on NBC TV for years?
a. Edith Green
b. Jean Auel
c. Kim Novak
d. Ann Curry

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  5. In 1962, this Oregonian was the first pachyderm born in the western hemisphere in over 44 years:
a. Simba
b. Packy
c. Khayam
d. Belle

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  6. The first governor of the Oregon Territory was:
a. Joseph Lane
b. Tom McCall
c. George Curry
d. Ulysses S. Grant

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  7. She danced with Fred Astaire in ten popular Hollywood movies:
a. Tabitha Moffet Brown
b. Ginger Rogers
c. Sally Struthers
d. Lindsay Wagner

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  8. Who led the music on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?
a. Doc Severinsen
b. Ed McMahon
c. Jay Leno
d. Don Rickles

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  9. Who first brought Homer and Bart Simpson to life on TV?
a. Thurston Howell III
b. Brad Garrett
c. Garry Shandling
d. Matt Groening

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  10. This governor is known for land use planning and the bottle bill:
a. Barbara Roberts
b. John Kitzhaber
c. Tom McCall
d. Earl Snell
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