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You'll get feedback right away with this InstaQuiz. Count up your correct answers and challenge your friends to beat you! Hint: Check out the Oregon Trivia section for clues.


John Belushi
  1. Name the actor and Oregon movie shown above:
a. Jack Nicholson in "The Shining"
b. Keanu Reeves in "Point Break"
c. John Belushi in "Animal House"
d. Richard Dreyfuss in "Mr. Holland's Opus"

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  2. What 1903 Oregon disaster left 247 people dead?
a. Earthquake in Portland
b. Flash flood in Heppner
c. Apartment building fire in Portland
d. Tsunami in Seaside

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  3. Which Oregon athlete was known as "The Glide"?
a. Larry Mahan in rodeo
b. Marshall Holman in bowling
c. Don Schollander in swimming
d. Clyde Drexler in basketball

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  4. Nip and Tuck Lakes in Klamath County were named for:
a. Two local hunting dogs
b. Plastic surgery procedures
c. A television series
d. Friar Nip and Friar Tuck in "Robin Hood"

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  5. What Oregon city has an extinct volcano inside its city limits?
a. La Pine
b. Sisters
c. Detroit
d. Bend

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  6. What Oregon movie gave former Governor Tom McCall his film acting debut?
a. "Sometimes a Great Notion"
b. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"
c. "Drugstore Cowboy"
d. "Paint Your Wagon"

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  7. Who coached an Oregon sports team to four national titles?
a. Bill Bowerman in track and field
b. Ralph Miller in basketball
c. Dee Andros in football
d. Clive Charles in soccer

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  8. How did Champagne Creek in Douglas County get its name?
a. Settlers celebrated reaching the area by wagon train
b. Site where a crate of champagne fell of a wagon into stream
c. A mutation of the name of a local settler, Joseph Champaign
d. Area reminded a settler of a region of France

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  9. Who smoked cigarettes made of cabbage leaves instead of tobacco in an Oregon movie?
a. John Wayne in "Rooster Cogburn"
b. Jack Nicholson in "Five Easy Pieces"
c. Luke Perry in "8 Seconds"
d. The young actors in "Stand By Me"

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  10. Name football's first Heisman Trophy winner from Oregon:
a. Dan Fouts
b. Terry Baker
c. Norm Van Brocklin
d. Joey Harrington
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