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Oregon Quizzes: Oregon Almanac

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You'll get feedback right away with this InstaQuiz. Count up your correct answers and challenge your friends to beat you! Hint: Check out the Oregon Almanac section for clues.


Mt. Hood
  1. What is the elevation of Oregon's highest mountain?
a. 14,440 feet
b. 4,790 feet
c. 11,239 feet
d. 9,011 feet

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  2. What incorporated Oregon city is nearest to the geographic center of the state?
a. La Pine
b. Madras
c. Bend
d. Prineville

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  3. How many national wildlife refuges are in Oregon?
a. 21
b. 10
c. 5
d. None

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  4. What is the longest river entirely in Oregon?
a. Willamette
b. Deschutes
c. John Day
d. Columbia

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  5. Which city has the coldest winters and hottest summers on average?
a. Grants Pass
b. Burns
c. Redmond
d. Sisters

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  6. Who jumped his way to a gold medal in the 1968 Olympics?
a. Mel Counts
b. Kevin Freeman
c. Don Schollander
d. Dick Fosbury

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  7. What do the 33 stars in the state seal represent?
a. The number of years that Oregon had been settled before statehood
b. The number of states in the United States upon Oregon statehood
c. The number of counties in Oregon at statehood
d. The number of people in the state senate at statehood

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  8. What Oregon city is closest to Eugene in population?
a. Salem
b. Portland
c. Gresham
d. Seattle

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  9. Which ratio most closely represents the number of divorces relative to the number of marriages in the state?
a. 3 divorces for every 5 marriages
b. 1 divorce for every 5 marriages
c. 7 divorces for every 5 marriages
d. 2 divorces for every 5 marriages

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  10. Which lakes are the deepest and largest in surface area in Oregon:
a. Clear Lake (deepest) and Harney Lake (surface area)
b. Clear Lake (deepest) and Goose Lake (surface area)
c. Upper Klamath Lake (deepest) and Crater Lake (surface area)
d. Crater Lake (deepest) and Upper Klamath Lake (surface area)
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