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Oregon Quizzes: Oregon History, Prehistory to Indian Wars

  The Oregonian

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Whitman massacre
  1. Name one reason why a band of Cayuse Indians killed white people at the Whitman Mission in 1847:
a. Disease brought by whites killed Indians
b. Whitmans were selling Indian land to white settlers
c. Whitmans wanted them to become Catholic
d. Whitmans hung Indians for minor offenses such as stealing food

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  2. What lifestyle best describes the Northern Paiute over the centuries?
a. Fishing on the Columbia River
b. Nomadic subsistence in the Great Basin
c. Hunting and gathering in Willamette Valley settlements
d. Harvesting mollusks and crustaceans on the Oregon Coast

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  3. Name the British captain who made landfall on the Oregon Coast in 1778:
a. Robert Gray
b. John Jacob Astor
c. Sir Francis Drake
d. James Cook

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  4. Sam Barlow is best known for what action?
a. Leading the Oregon Militia in the Indian Wars
b. Discovering many new plant species in Oregon
c. Creating a wagon road alternative to rafting down the Columbia River
d. Serving as territorial governor for four years

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  5. Who founded the Pacific Fur Company in 1810?
a. George Simpson
b. John McLoughlin
c. John Jacob Astor
d. Peter Skene Ogden

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  6. What federal law encouraged settlement in Oregon in the 1850s?
a. Homestead Act
b. Donation Land Act
c. Desert Land Act
d. Act providing land for Oregon and California Railroad

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  7. What Oregon university did Rev. Jason Lee help to create?
a. Pacific University
b. University of Portland
c. Lewis and Clark College
d. Willamette University

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  8. What Indian wars were fought in southwestern Oregon in the 1850s?
a. Cayuse
b. Rogue River
c. Nez Perce
d. Bannock

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  9. What was the "Oregon Question"?
a. The debate over what to do with Indians displaced by settlers
b. The question of whether Oregon should become a slave or free state
c. The question of how land should be granted to white settlers
d. The issue of sovereignty over the Pacific Northwest

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  10. About how many Oregonians were counted in the 1850 census?
a. 12,000
b. 73,000
c. 127,000
d. 563,000
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