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Oregon Trivia: Oregon Sports

Source Note
The following information is derived from various general and Web sources. While believed to be correct, the Oregon Blue Book does not attempt to verify the accuracy of this information.


  Dick Fosbury Mickey Lolich Coyote 1983 teams
  Oregon State University track and field star Dick Fosbury revolutionized the high jump with his "Fosbury Flop" in which he would leap head first and back downward to the bar. The technique won him a 1968 Olympic gold medal and would soon become the standard for the sport. Portland native Mickey Lolich helped create Detroit's magical 1968 championship baseball season. Lolich won three complete games in that World Series, a feat yet to be matched by a left-hander. Originally right-handed, a childhood tricycle accident led him to pitch left-handed. The first mascot for Oregon State University (then the State Agricultural College) was Jimmie the Coyote in 1893. The animal was owned by a local football fan. After subsequent mascots that included a bulldog and a human, the current mascot is the fierce Benny the Beaver. The 1983 Civil War football game between University of Oregon and Oregon State University ended in a 0-0 tie. Dubbed the "Toilet Bowl," the game matched two lackluster teams and was played in a rainstorm. It remains the only NCAA Division I scoreless football game ever played.
  1940s skier Phil Knight Hobby Hobson Bev Smith
  Scandinavian lumber workers helped pioneer central Oregon winter sports in 1928 by forming the Bend Skyliners mountaineering club. Later, Bill Healy, a World War II veteran ski-trooper, began developing a ski area on Bachelor Butte in the 1950s. Phil Knight changed the sports footware and apparel world forever when he teamed with his former coach, Bill Bowerman, in 1964 to form what would become Nike. Using innovative designs and star-driven marketing, Knight helped the Beaverton company grow into the largest of its kind in the world. The legendary "Tall Firs" University of Oregon basketball team won the first-ever NCAA tournament in 1939 behind the progessive "fast-break" innovating Hall of Fame coach Hobby Hobson (above) and three All-America players. Women's basketball Hall of Famer Bev Smith starred at the University of Oregon, then played and coached for the Canadian women's national team. She also played professionally and coached in Italy for 15 years before returning to Oregon to coach the women's team.
  Mel Renfro George Pasero Bob Gilder Mel Counts
  Blazing fast track star Mel Renfro also starred in football at the University of Oregon, playing both offense and defense. His Hall of Fame NFL career includes ten Pro Bowl invitations and four Super Bowl games. A defensive back, he also returned punts and kickoffs. George Pasero covered Oregon sports as a reporter and columnist for more than 50 years. His skill and fairness while working for the Oregon Journal and other papers made him beloved by generations of athletes and sports fans and led to numerous honors. Corvallis native Bob Gilder found quick success on the PGA golf tour at a young age, winning six tournaments between 1976 and 1983. Eligible to play on the Champions Tour in 2000, he soon won two tournaments and was named Rookie of the Year in 2001. Coos Bay native Mel Counts starred as center on the Oregon State University basketball team before winning Olympic gold with the U.S. team in 1964. His distinguished NBA career included playing in five championship series, two on winning Boston teams.