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Please contact us if you:


delta want to buy a print version of the Oregon Blue Book.


delta are having trouble using the Oregon Blue Book.


delta have suggestions or comments about the Oregon Blue Book.


delta need information for a school report.


delta need answers to simple questions about Oregon that you can't find in the Oregon Blue Book.


For larger research requests, contact the Oregon State Archives.


But first, please remember these resources to help you find information:


The site map provides links directly to the major features of the Oregon Blue Book.


The search window at the top of each page can help you locate some of the more hard to find information in the Oregon Blue Book.


The FAQ page answers some basic questions about how to use the Oregon Blue Book and find popular information.


The Oregon Topics Guide includes hundreds of links to resources in the Oregon Blue Book as well as directly to Web sites for various levels of government, interest groups, and related entities. Browsing by topic sometimes yields results that heirarchical browsing may not find. The 26 topical areas include finding medical/health resources, conducting legal research, learning about land use issues and more.