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What's New in the Blue Book?


What's new in the Oregon Blue Book? Just about everything!


We called, emailed and faxed hundreds of government offices, television and radio stations, newspapers, cultural institutions and others in an effort to gather the most up-to-date information. Here is a quick overview of some of the changes by section:


A new exhibit explores Oregon's Early Rural Schools. This drawing by a Wasco County third grade student in 1905 shows a little girl gardening. (Fort Dalles Museum)

Facts section


Delta The Scenic Images and Exhibits gallery features a new exhibit about Oregon's Early Rural Schools. This exhibit uses photos, artwork and memorabilia to highlight the colorful history of rural education in Oregon before World War II.


Delta Another new exhibit shares winning essays about Oregon from a Secretary of State’s Office contest. Elementary school students answered the question: Why do you like living in Oregon? Middle school students answered the question: Where is your favorite place to visit in Oregon and why?


Delta A final new exhibit explores the incredibly diverse Oregon landscapes by showing one scenic photo from each of the 36 counties.


Delta The Notable Oregonians Guide has updated biographical sketches and four new entries, including Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Mariota.


Delta The Oregon Almanac has updated text. There are also new entries such as listings of the largest alternative energy wind, solar and geothermal projects.


Delta The Economy essay is new and has new statistics.


State section


Delta The entire section includes up-to-date contact information and program descriptions. Many state agency descriptions have been rewritten to reflect major functional changes.


Delta State agency descriptions include links to a number of new administrative histories and records retention schedules.


Delta The Elections section has 2014 election results and new detail maps for legislative districts in the Portland area.


Delta The Government Finance essay is new and features all new tables and graphs.


Delta The Constitution section includes the 2014 edition.


A poster for the movie Wild, which was filmed in Oregon and released in 2014.

A poster for the movie Wild, which was filmed in Oregon and released in 2014. The film is one of 40 selected for inclusion in the Oregon Movie Guide.

Local section


Delta The entire section includes up-to-date contact information and descriptions.


Delta The City Government section now has links to related resources such as American FactFinder census data, Oregon Encyclopedia descriptions and Wikipedia descriptions.


Delta City and county populations have been updated to recent census numbers.


Cultural section


Delta The entire section includes up-to-date contact information, descriptions and Web links.


Delta The History chronology has been expanded and revised to 2014.


Education section


Delta The Public Education page features an all-new description that reflects sweeping organizational changes.


Delta New boards of trustees for individual public universities are described.


Explore Oregon section


Delta The Oregon Movie Guide offers updated descriptions and trailers or clips of selected movies with Oregon connections, such as the recently released movie Wild.


Delta The Oregon Authors Book Guide provides updated descriptions and snippets or full electronic versions of selected books written by Oregon authors.


Oregon Topics section


Delta All of the links and descriptions have been updated.


Blue Book generally


Delta The new winners of the Blue Book Cover Photo Contest are featured. The images grace the front and back covers of the 2015-2016 print version of the Blue Book.


Delta Photographers can now enter the Cover Photo Contest by email. Simply complete the fillable PDF form and attach it and your photos to an email. Postal mail entries are also accepted.


Delta The Facebook page for the Oregon Blue Book keeps readers apprised of ongoing new and interesting Oregon trivia, events and places.


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