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Credits and Assistance

The Oregon Blue Book is a product of the Secretary of State Office. It is compiled and published by the Oregon State Archives, a division of the Secretary of State's Office.


Print version

Julie Yamaka, Managing Editor
Phil Wiebe, Copy Editor
Gary Halvorson, Photo Editor


Additional assistance
Office of the Secretary of State:

Archives Division, Mary Beth Herkert, State Archivist
Fact gathering and verification: Natalie Emerson, Austin Schulz and Todd Shaffer
Facebook page and art: Tim Backer
Proofreader: Kay Kinsley
Publications Unit: Steve Mabry, marketing; Colleen Needham, section formatting
Section review: Connor Edmonds and Layne Sawyer, Managers
Elections Division: Brenda Bayes, Manager; Tami Dettwyler
Business Services Division: Jeff Morgan, Director; Fabiola Florez, Sheila Castelanos


Department of Administrative Services, Chief Financial Office and Geospatial Enterprise Office, maps


Employment Department: Dave Yamaka, graphics


Office of the State Court Administrator: Kim Blanding, Judicial Section


Oregon Education Investment Board: Kristin Gimbel, Education Section


Web version

Gary Halvorson, Web Editor


Additional assistance
Graem Sawyer (volunteer)