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Welcome from Governor John Kitzhaber

Governor John Kitzhaber

Governor John Kitzhaber

My Fellow Oregonians:


First, thank you for being a part of the Oregon story. Having met with Oregonians in every part of the state, I am continually inspired by Oregonians’ deep commitment to one another.


Indeed, of all of Oregon’s abundant and stewarded natural assets, our most important is our people, our hard working, imaginative, thoughtful people who have challenged the status quo, asked the right questions, and carved a path for Oregon that balances healthy, prosperous communities with healthy rivers, beaches, forests and mountains.


Second, thank you for picking up this book. The Oregon Blue Book provides a glimpse of our shared history of building a better and stronger state. With comprehensive information on Oregon’s history, economy and governance — plus an introduction to our arts, culture and environment — the Oregon Blue Book reflects the many ways Oregon is a uniquely great place in which to live and to work.


Oregon is special — in our history and choices, in our natural wonders, and in the way we come together to solve tough challenges and plan for our futures. As we write the next chapter in the Oregon story, we are driven by our common vision of the future — a future with abundant opportunity for every Oregonian, opportunity built on strong schools, vibrant communities and prosperous businesses.


Whether you’re a fifth-generation Oregonian or a family brand new to the Beaver State, thank you for believing in our state. Thank you for helping to shape Oregon’s future.



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John Kitzhaber


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