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Order Inexpensive Blue Books for Schools

The cover of the 2011-2012 Oregon Blue Book.

The cover of the 2011-2012 Oregon Blue Book.

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Get 2011-12 Oregon Blue Books to use as textbooks in your classroom — only $20.00 for a case of 20 books!

There aren’t a lot of the 2011-12 Oregon Blue Books remaining, so act now before they’re all gone.

Avoid shipping costs by arranging to pick them up. Otherwise, add $17.00 per box for UPS shipping.

For more information, to reserve a case or two, place an order, or arrange a pick up, call the Secretary of State’s office at 503-986-2204.


Or, send in this order form.


About the Blue Book

What is the Oregon Blue Book? It’s Oregon’s official fact book and almanac published every two years since 1911 by the Secretary of State’s office. The Blue Book is Oregon’s preeminent civics compendium, containing everything you ever wanted to know about Oregon’s economy, executive, legislative & judicial branches, election history, state history, public education, all 242 cities and 36 counties, and government finance. The Almanac section lists Oregon’s state icons, facts about Oregon’s nine federally recognized Indian tribes, physical dimensions, bridges, Oregon’s Olympic medal winners, renewable energy plants and so much more!

The Web version of the Oregon Blue Book is updated regularly and has enhanced resources for teachers and school children – take a look at the Explore tab and the Notable Oregonians section under the Facts tab.

Teachers say they use the hard copy version with the on-line version to teach research skills. The Elections section is popular for this. The Oregon History section, written by Lewis & Clark professor Stephen Dow Beckham, is one of the most comprehensive histories of Oregon available anywhere, at any price.


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