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Notable Oregonians: Gallery View: LeG to P

The following Oregonians or individuals closely associated with Oregon have become significant in politics, arts, sciences, athletics, and other pursuits. Each page in this guide includes an image of the individual and a short biographical sketch that summarizes notable accomplishments or actions. Also see the Other Notable Oregonians list. Living politicians are not included. Suggest a notable Oregonian.


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  Le Guin, Ursula Le Guin, Ursula
Lewis, Meriwether Lewis, Meriwether
Mariota, Marcus Athlete - football Mariota, Marcus
Athlete - football
Marvin Pierce, Cornelia Librarian, activist Marvin Pierce, Cornelia
Librarian, activist
  McArthur, Lewis A. McArthur, Lewis A.
Geographer, historian
McCall, Tom McCall, Tom
Governor, journalist
McCullough, Conde McCullough, Conde
Bridge engineer
McLoughlin, John McLoughlin, John
Father of Oregon
  McNary, Charles McNary, Charles
U.S. Senator
Meek, Joseph Meek, Joseph
Trapper, lawman
Miller, Joaquin Miller, Joaquin
Poet, writer
Morse, Wayne Morse, Wayne
U.S. Senator
  Naito, Bill Naito, Bill
Businessman, civic leader
Novak, Kim Novak, Kim
Owens-Adair, Bethenia Owens-Adair, Bethenia
Pioneer, writer
Packy Packy
Zoo elephant
  Palmer, Joel Palmer, Joel
Pioneer, writer
Pauling, Linus Pauling, Linus
Chemist, Nobel winner
Powell, Jane Powell, Jane
Actress, singer
Prefontaine, Steve Prefontaine, Steve
Athlete - runner


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