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Notable Oregonians: Gallery View: Pr to Y

The following Oregonians or individuals closely associated with Oregon have become significant in politics, arts, sciences, athletics, and other pursuits. Each page in this guide includes an image of the individual and a short biographical sketch that summarizes notable accomplishments or actions. Also see the Other Notable Oregonians list. Living politicians are not included. Suggest a notable Oregonian.


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  Prefontaine, Steve Prefontaine, Steve
Athlete - runner
Reed, John Reed, John
Journalist, poet
Roberts. Betty Roberts. Betty
Politician, judge
Rogers, Ginger Rogers, Ginger
Actress, dancer
  Rothko, Mark Artist Rothko, Mark
Sacagawea Sacagawea
Indian explorer
Schollander, Don Schollander, Don
Scott, Harvey Scott, Harvey
Editor, publisher
  Severinsen, Doc Severinsen, Doc
Musician, band leader
Spalding, Esperanza
Musician, singer
Stafford, William Stafford, William
Straub, Bob Straub, Bob
Governor, treasurer
  U'Ren, William U'Ren, William
Political reformer
Van Sant, Gus Van Sant, Gus
Filmmaker, director
Victor, Frances Fuller Writer, historian Victor, Frances Fuller
Writer, historian
Villard, Henry Villard, Henry
Railroad builder
  Vinton, Will Vinton, Will
West, Oswald West, Oswald
White, Dr. Elijah White, Dr. Elijah
Physician, pioneer
Whitman, Marcus Whitman, Marcus and Narcissa
  Wieman, Carl E. Wieman, Carl E.
Physicist, Nobel winner
Winnemucca, Sarah Native American advocate Winnemucca, Sarah
Native American advocate
Wood, C.E.S. Wood, C.E.S.
Soldier, attorney, writer
Yasui, Minoru Yasui, Minoru
Civil rights leader


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A to Da | De to Lee | LeG to Po | Pr to Y | List view