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Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Division - Records Retention Schedule

 Records Retention Schedule: 99-0031

Organizational placement:

Agency: Department of Human Services
Division: Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Division
Unit: Developmental Disabilities Council

Program Description:

The Governor appointed Developmental Disabilities Council advocates for the independence, productivity, community integration, and inclusion of Oregonians with developmental disabilities. The Council was created in 1971 by a Governor's Executive Order in response to the mandate of Public Law 100-146.

The Council has 28 members representing consumers, state agencies, providers, and advocacy organizations. It does much of its work through standing committees. Current committees are Executive, Public Policy, Clarion Newsletter Advisory, Respite Advisory, Family Issues, Community Partnerships Team, Self-Advocacy, and Grants. These committees perform or oversee assigned activities and develop recommendations to the full Council that meets every two months.

The Council makes recommendations to the Governor, state and local agencies, and others regarding the administration, management, and resource utilization of programs pertaining to persons with DD. It also makes recommendations about legislation and about the state's system for monitoring quality of care and human rights protection in programs for persons with DD and their families.

One of the Council's federally mandated responsibilities is to prepare a Developmental Disabilities Council State Plan. Each three-year plan describes the extent and scope of services provided to persons with developmental disabilities by federally assisted state programs. It sets out specific outcomes to be achieved, and lists the state and federal resources to be used to meet those outcomes. The plan includes the application for federal block grant funds to operate the Council. Annual reports are made on outcomes, expenditures, and progress in meeting the three-year plan's objectives. The plans and annual reports are submitted to the federal Department of Health and Human Services.

The Council uses its federal grant funds to promote systems improvement, capacity-building activities, and systems advocacy to obtain a comprehensive system of services that are consumer and family-centered. The granting agency is the Department of Health and Human Services Administration on Developmental Disabilities. The Mental Health and Developmental Disability Services Division, through Department of Human Services Accounting receives, deposits, accounts for, and disburses federal and state funds under an Interagency Agreement with the Council. Grant funds are disbursed to community partnership projects such as training and public information efforts which support the Council's mission.

Another function of the Council is coordination of public education efforts that promote positive attitudes toward, and valued acceptance of persons with disabilities. It helps state and local agencies do coordinated planning by conducting public policy forums, studies, and other assessments of the major issues and challenges facing the service delivery system. It also trains consumers (persons with developmental disabilities and family members) in advocacy, that is how to get the services and help they need from public and private resources, and how to affect the legislative and administrative policymaking process.

Records Description:

The activities, decisions, reports and studies of the Developmental Disabilities Council and its committees are documented by Developmental Disabilities Council Minutes. Development and publication of reports and publications about Council activities to educate the public and to advocate for the independence, productivity, community integration and inclusion of Oregonians with developmental disabilities is documented in Newsletters, Educational Publications and Reports. Three-Year Plan Records plans describing services, outcomes, activities, and resources for persons with developmental disabilities, and annual reporting of results document development of federally required state.

Below is a record series list designating their retention:

015 Developmental Disabilities Council Minutes, 1971 - [ongoing] - Retain permanently, transfer to State Archives after 20 years.

016 Newsletters, Educational Publications and Reports, 1972 - [ongoing] - Retain one copy of the Oregon Clarion, Clarion Bulletin, and major publications and reports permanently, transfer to State Archives after 20 years. Retain all other records 1 year after publication printed, destroy.

017 Three-Year Plan Records, 1972 - [ongoing] - Retain permanently, transfer to State Archives after 20 years.

In addition, the following records can be found in the State Agency General Records Retention Schedule: Contracts and agreements, correspondence, and publication preparation records, (Administrative Records - 166-300-0015); and audit reports and grant records (Financial Records - 166-300-0025).

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