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U.S. Senators from Oregon

U.S. Representatives





First Position2

Smith, Delazon3-D


Feb. 14-Mar. 3, 1859

Elected by Legislature 1858

Baker, Edward4-R


Dec. 5, 1860-Oct. 21, 1861

Elected by Legislature 1860; died in office

Stark, Benjamin-D


Oct. 29, 1861-Sept. 11, 1862

Appointed by Governor Whiteaker to succeed Baker

Harding, Benjamin F.-D


Sept. 11, 1862-1865

Elected by Legislature to succeed Baker

Williams, George H.-R



Elected by Legislature 1864

Kelly, James K.-D



Elected by Legislature 1870

Grover, LaFayette-D



Elected by Legislature 1876

Dolph, Joseph N.-R



Elected by Legislature 1882; reelected 1889

McBride, George W.-R



Elected by Legislature 1895

Mitchell, John H.-R



Elected by Legislature 1901; died in office Dec. 8, 1905

Gearin, John M.-D


Dec. 12, 1905-Jan. 23, 1907

Appointed by Governor Chamberlain to succeed Mitchell

Mulkey, Fred W.-R


Jan. 23-Mar. 2, 1907

Selected by general election 1906 for short term; elected by Legislature to serve remaining term of Mitchell and Gearin

Bourne, Jonathan Jr.-R



Selected by general election 1906; elected by Legislature 1907

Lane, Harry-D


1913-May 23, 1917

Selected by general election 1912; elected by Legislature 1913; died in office

McNary, Charles L.-R


May 29, 1917-Nov. 5, 1918

Appointed by Governor Withycombe to succeed Lane

Mulkey, Fred W.-R


Nov. 5-Dec. 17, 1918

Elected 1918 for short term; resigned to permit reappointment of McNary

McNary, Charles L.-R


Dec. 17, 1918-Feb. 24, 1944

Appointed 1918 for unexpired short term; elected 1918; reelected 1924, 1930, 1936, 1942; died in office

Cordon, Guy-R


Mar. 4, 1944-1955

Appointed by Governor Snell to succeed McNary; elected 1944; reelected 1948

Neuberger, Richard L.-D


1955-Mar. 9, 1960

Elected 1954; died in office

Lusk, Hall S.-D


Mar. 16, 1960-Nov. 8, 1960

Appointed by Governor Hatfield to succeed Neuberger

Neuberger, Maurine-D


Nov. 8, 1960-1967

Elected 1960 for short and full terms

Hatfield, Mark O.-R.



Elected 1966; reelected 1972, 1978, 1984, 1990

Smith, Gordon H.-R



Elected 1996; reelected 2002

Merkley, Jeff—D



Elected 2008; reelected 2014



Second Position2

Lane, Joseph-D


Feb. 14, 1859-1861

Elected by Legislature 1858

Nesmith, James W.-D



Elected by Legislature 1860

Corbett, Henry W.-R



Elected by Legislature 1866

Mitchell, John H.-R



Elected by Legislature 1872

Slater, James H.-D



Elected by Legislature 1878

Mitchell, John H.-R



Elected by Legislature 1885; reelected 1891

Corbett, Henry W.-R5


March, 1897

Appointed by Governor Lord, not seated

Simon, Joseph-R


Oct. 6, 1898-1903

Elected by Legislature to fill vacancy

Fulton, Charles W.-R



Elected by Legislature 1903

Chamberlain, George E.-D6



Selected by general election 1908; elected by Legislature; reelected by people 1914

Stanfield, Robert N.-R



Elected 1920

Steiwer, Frederick-R


1927-Feb. 1, 1938

Elected 1926; reelected 1932; resigned

Reames, Alfred Evan-D


Feb. 1-Nov. 9, 1938

Appointed by Governor Martin to succeed Steiwer

Barry, Alex G.-R


Nov. 9, 1938-1939

Elected 1938 for short term

Holman, Rufus C.-R



Elected 1938

Morse, Wayne7-D



Elected 1944; reelected 1950, 1956, 1962

Packwood, Robert-R



Elected 1968; reelected 1974, 1980, 1986, 1992; resigned 1995

Wyden, Ron8-D



Elected 1996, reelected 1998, 2004, 2010, 2016

1Unless otherwise noted, normal terms of office began on the fourth day of March and ended on the third day of March until 1933, when terms were changed to begin and end on the third day of January unless a different date was set by Congress.


2Delazon Smith and Joseph Lane drew lots in 1859 for the short and long term senate seats. Smith won the short term of only 17 days expiring March 3, 1859 (designated first position). Lane won the long term expiring March 3, 1861 (designated second position).


3When the Legislature first met after statehood in May 1859, Smith was defeated for reelection, and no successor was named. Consequently, Oregon had only one U.S. senator from March 3, 1859 until Baker was elected October 1, 1860.


4Senator Edward Baker was killed in the Battle of Balls Bluff, Va. while serving as a colonel in the Civil War, the only U.S. senator to serve in military action while a senator. His statue, cast of horatio stone and marble, stands 6 ft. 5 in. tall in the Capitol rotunda in Washington, D.C.


5When the Legislature failed to elect a successor to Mitchell, Governor Lord appointed Henry Corbett. After conflict, however, the U.S. Senate decided the governor did not have this authority and refused to seat Corbett. Therefore, Oregon was represented by only one U.S. senator from March 4, 1897 to October 6, 1898.


6Direct election of U.S. senators resulted from Oregon's ratification of Article XVII of the U.S. Constitution January 23, 1913 (effective May 31, 1913). Oregon initiated a direct primary for selecting candidates in 1904.


7Wayne Morse was elected as a Republican in 1944 and reelected as a Republican in 1950. He changed to Independent in 1952 and to Democrat in 1955. He was reelected as a Democrat in 1956 and 1962.


8Elected to fill the unexpired term of Robert Packwood due to Senator Packwood's resignation. The elections, both primary and general, to fill Senator Packwood's seat were conducted by mail. The special primary and general elections were the first statewide vote-by-mail elections to fill a federal office in United States history.


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