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Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board: Rec. Retention Sched.

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Written 2001


Organizational Placement

Appraiser Certification and Licensing Board (ACLB)


Program Description:
The Appraiser Certification and Licensure Board (ACLB) is the semi-independent agency responsible for protecting the public by regulating all real estate appraisal activity in Oregon. The ACLB regulates real estate appraisers and appraiser assistants. It operates independently of other real estate-related regulatory agencies and enforces ORS 674 and the federal national Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice. The ACLB has reciprocal agreements with licensing boards in 23 other states.


The ACLB is responsible for supervising, licensing, certifying, and disciplining appraisers and appraiser assistants. Board staff process applications for appraiser certification and licensing. Certification and licenses are renewed every two years and require completion of board-approved continuing education. The board reviews and approves or denies approval of education providers and courses that give instruction in pre-qualification and continuing education.


The ACLB investigates complaints or initiates investigations on its own to determine if a violation has occurred. It mediates with the parties and may arrive at a stipulated agreement. Contested cases go to an administrative hearing at the Employment Department Hearing Officer Panel. The board may discipline appraisers and assistant appraisers by issuing a reprimand, by levying civil penalties, and/or suspending or revoking a license or certification.


Records Description:
Records documenting board meetings, decisions, and activities are Appraiser Certification and Licensing Board Records and the APPRAISER database. Records documenting appraiser licensing and certification activities are Appraiser Certification and License Case Files and the APPRAISER database. Records documenting review and approval of appraiser education providers and courses are Appraiser Education Provider and Course Records and the EDUCATION database. Records documenting appraiser investigation and disciplinary activities are Investigation Records and the ENFORCEMENT database.


Below is a series list designating their retentions:

001 Appraiser Certification and Licensing Board Records
Retain permanently, transfer to State Archives after 5 years.

002 Appraiser Certification and License Case Files
(a) Retain 25 years after expired, surrendered, or revoked, destroy.
(b) Retain denied applications 25 years after date of denial, destroy.
(c) Retain criminal history check records 180 days, destroy.

003 Appraiser Education Provider and Course Records
(a) Retain provider records 10 years after inactive, destroy.
(b) Retain course records 10 years after discontinued, destroy.

004 Enforcement Records
Retain all documentation including appeal and review records 25 years, destroy.


State Agency General Records Retention Schedule Records:
Administrative rule preparation records, Attorney General Opinions, correspondence, leases, legislative development advisory committee records, legislative tracking records, mailing lists, personal service contracts, policy and procedure guidelines and manuals, policy development/ planning records, postal records, press releases, professional membership records, and publication preparation records (Administrative Records - OAR 166-300-0015); damaged/ stolen property records, equipment maintenance records, equipment/ property disposition records, and fixed asset inventory reports (Facilities/Property Records - OAR 166-300-0020); account reconciliation records, account transfer records, accounting structure organizational hierarchy records, accounting system input documents and listings, and agency control reports, accounts payable records, accounts receivable reports, annual financial reports, audit reports, bank statements, budget allotment records, budget preparation records, cash receipt records, check registers, checks, competitive bid records, correspondence, fiscal, deposit slips, encumbrance registers, expenditure projection records, general ledger transaction reports, legislatively adopted budgets, Oregon State Treasury reports, petty cash fund records, project accounting records, purchasing records, receipt registers, receipts, revenue reports, revenue registers, travel expense records, and trial balance records (Financial Records - OAR 166-300-0025); computer system maintenance records, computer system program documentation, computer system security records, computer system wiring records, filing system records, information system planning and development records, records management records, software management records, telecommunications system management records, and user support records (Information Management Records - OAR 166-300-0030); employee payroll records, employee time records, federal and state tax records, Oregon State Payroll System (OSPS) reports, payroll administrative reports (non-OSPS), and unemployment compensation claims (Payroll Records - OAR 166-300-0035); affirmative action records, employee benefit records, employee medical records, employee personnel records, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission compliance records, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission complaint records, Human Resource Services Division statistical reports, position description and reclassification records, position inventory control system (PICS) reports, and recruitment and selection records (Personnel Records - OAR 166-300-0040); emergency response plans and procedures, hazard exposure records, incident reports, insurance fund claim records, safety compliance and inspection records, safety program records, and State Accident Insurance Fund (SAIF) claim records (Risk Management Records - OAR 166-300-0045).