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Archives Division: State Archives Holdings

The State Archives Building on the Capitol Mall in Salem. (Oregon State Archives photo)

The State Archives Building on the Capitol Mall in Salem. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

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The following are selected abbreviated listings from the holdings of the Oregon State Archives. Additional records may be available. These records may be viewed free of charge at the State Archives Building in Salem. Copies are available for a fee. Take the Web tour for more information about visiting or ordering copies from the Oregon State Archives.


Title: Act of admission
Dates: 1859
Cubic Ft.: .1


Title: Administrative orders
Dates: 1939-1997
Cubic Ft.: 181.5


Title: Administrative Rules filing log
Dates: 1930-1984
Volumes: 5


Title: Administrative Rules historical files
Dates: 1958-1995
Volumes: 104


Title: Agency authority records
Dates: 1993-1998
Cubic Ft.: .6


Title: Agreements
Dates: 1992-1998
Cubic Ft.: .7


Title: Annexations
Dates: 1965-1998
Cubic Ft.: 61.50


Title: Census reports of cities
Dates: 1935-1955
Cubic Ft.: 5


Title: City information records
Dates: 1994-1998
Cubic Ft.: .4


Title: Constitution, Oregon State
Dates: 1859
Volumes: 1


Title: Constitutional convention records
Dates: 1857
Volumes: 1


Title: County Information Records
Dates: 1995-1998
Cubic Ft.: .3


Title: Deeds
Dates: 1899-1991
Cubic Ft.: 133.75


Title: Executive appointments and oaths of offices
Dates: 1878-1998
Cubic Ft.: 31.15
Volumes: 5


Title: Executive clemency records
Dates: 1859-1995
Cubic Ft.: 35.6
Volumes: 23


Title: Executive orders
Dates: 1975-1998
Cubic Ft.: 2.6


Title: Official documents
Dates: 1848-1987
Cubic Ft.: 110.25
Volumes: 1


Title: Oregon City plat
Dates: 1849
Cubic Ft.: 2


Title: Proclamations
Dates: 1912-1996
Cubic Ft.: 1.5


Title: Provisional and Territorial government records
Dates: 1837-1859
Cubic Ft.: 32.5


Title: Provisional government land claim records
Dates: 1845-1849
Volumes: 8


Title: Provisional government probate court records
Dates: 1843-1845
Volumes: 1


Title: Provisional government secretary fee book
Dates: 1845-1848
Volumes: 2


Title: Soil Conservation District applications
Dates: 1940-1943
Volumes: 1


Title: Special district records
Dates: 1988-1998
Cubic Ft.: 3.9


Title: State agency filings
Dates: 1993-1998
Cubic Ft.: .6


Title: State census filings
Dates: 1988-1992
Cubic Ft.: .1


Title: State revenue filings
Dates: 1993-1998
Cubic Ft.: .37


Title: Territorial Auditor's records
Dates: 1857-1860
Cubic Ft.: .1


Title: Territorial government records
Dates: 1850-1858
Cubic Ft.: .1


Title: Territorial governor records
Dates: 1855-1858
Cubic Ft.: .1


Title: Territorial Legislative acts journal
Dates: 1850-1851
Volumes: 1


Title: Territorial treasurer account books
Dates: 1844-1860
Volumes: 2


Title: Tri-County metropolitan (Tri-met) service district formation records
Dates: 1979-1981
Cubic Ft.: 1


Title: Washington County Nehalam Valley and Astoria wagon roads field notes
Dates: 1873
Volumes: 1


Title: "Welcome to Oregon"
Dates: 1962