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The Public Service Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Audits Division. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

The Public Service Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Department of Education. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

Present Duties

The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) is directed by the State Board of Education to implement state policies regarding pre-kindergarten through grade 12. ODE serves 197 elementary and secondary school districts and 19 education service districts, and these serve 560,950 Oregon students.

ODE carries out educational policies set by the Legislature and State Board of Education and helps to ensure districts comply with federal and state regulations and laws. ODE is responsible for the development of statewide standards, assessments and school improvement efforts. It reports student performance by school in every district through state report cards. ODE promotes collaboration, professional development and best practices among educators to improve student achievement.

ODE distributes the State School Fund (approximately $5.5 billion in 2011–12) to school districts and education service districts and distributes approximately $1.2 billion (2011–12) to federally-funded programs, which it monitors.

ODE is also responsible for the state School for the Deaf, regional programs for children with disabilities and education programs in Oregon youth correctional facilities.


Agency Subdivisions

Information about this agency's divisions, offices, programs, etc.


Contact Information

Mailing Address: 255 Capitol St. NE, Salem 97310-0203
Telephone: 503-947-5600; TDD: 503-378-2892
Fax: 503-378-5156

Contact: Rob Saxton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction; Dr. Nancy Golden, Interim Chief Education Officer
Administrative Rules Coordinator E-mail: Cindy Hunt
Records Officer E-mail: Esther Mangini
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Legal and Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 326.111
Budget Analysis (pdf) - by Legislative Fiscal Office
Audit Reports - select agency from menu

Records, Publications and General Information

Agency History (pdf) - a detailed history of the agency
Records Retention Schedule (pdf) - a list of the public records kept at the agency
State Archives Holdings - a select list of the agency's records available for research at the State Archives
State Library Publications - a link to the Oregon State Library Catalog