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Dept of Environmental Quality: Agency Subdivisions

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Environmental Quality Commission
Address: 811 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204
Phone: 503-229-5695
Fax: 503-229-6762
Contact: Greg Aldrich

Duties and Responsibilities: The Environmental Quality Commission, DEQ’s policy and rulemaking board, adopts administrative rules, issues orders and judges appeals of fines or other department actions, and hires the DEQ director. Commission members are appointed to four-year terms by the governor.


Operations and Environmental Solutions Divisions
Address: 811 SW 6th Ave., Portland 97204-1390
Phone: 503-229-5696; Toll-free (Oregon only):
Fax: 503-229-6762

Duties and Responsibilities: In February of 2014, DEQ reorganized the structure of the agency to focus on better measuring our service delivery and improving environmental outcomes for Oregon. The Air, Land, and Water Quality Divisions are now program areas which exist within the newly formed Operations and Environmental Solutions Divisions.

Operations Division
Contact: Lydia Emer, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Operations Division (OD) has lead responsibility to ensure that DEQ’s work is delivered in a consistent and effective manner across media and regions. OD partners with the other divisions to ensure that implementation planning is central to policy development. OD is responsible for optimizing the agency’s processes for delivering on program commitments and services to Oregonians. OD implements specific programs and supports consistent implementation of specific programs in the regional

Environmental Solutions Division
Contact: Wendy Wiles, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Environmental Solutions Division (ESD) is responsible for collecting and analyzing environmental information and using this information to develop sound and effective environmental strategies. ESD ensures that the technical and scientific expertise is available to inform and carry out these responsibilities. In partnership with others, ESD takes a comprehensive view of environmental impacts and seeks to create solutions that enable actions that can reduce those impacts. To emphasize the importance of science informing DEQ’s decisions, the Laboratory and Environmental Assessment Division has been integrated into the ESD to help ensure that science informs all of the agency’s work.


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