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Department of Fish and Wildlife: Agency Subdivisions

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Building in Salem. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Building in Salem. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

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Fish and Wildlife Commission
Address: 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-1142
Phone: 503-947-6044
Contact: Director’s Office
Statutory Authority: ORS 496.090

Duties and Responsibilities: The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission consists of seven members appointed by the governor for staggered four-year terms. One commissioner must be from each congressional district, one from east of the Cascade Mountains and one from the west of the Cascades.

The commission was formed July 1, 1975, when the formerly separate fish and wildlife commissions were merged. ODFW consists of the commission, a commission appointed director and a statewide staff. Commissioners formulate general state programs and policies concerning management and conservation of fish and wildlife resources and establish seasons, methods and bag limits for recreational and commercial take.

The ODFW headquarters are in Salem, with regional offices in Clackamas, Roseburg, Bend and La Grande. Ten district offices are strategically located statewide. ODFW operates a variety of facilities designed to enhance fish and wildlife resources, including fish hatcheries, wildlife areas, public shooting grounds, hunting and fishing access sites and several research stations.

Fish Division
Address: 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-1142
Phone: 503-947-6201
Fax: 503-947-6202
Contact: Edward Bowles, Administrator

Statutory Authority: ORS 496.124, 506.142

Duties and Responsibilities: The Fish Division manages fish populations by setting regulations for gamefish species, monitoring populations and operating 34 fish hatcheries, which produce up to 80 percent of all salmon, trout and steelhead caught in Oregon each year. The division works cooperatively with other state and federal agencies and tribes on habitat and fishery management issues for inland and ocean waters, works with landowners to improve and protect habitat, and coordinates law enforcement needs and activities with the Oregon State Police.


Restoration and Enhancement Board
Address: 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-1142
Phone: 503-947-6259
Contact: Kevin Herkamp, Coordinator
Statutory Authority: ORS 496.286–496.291

Duties and Responsibilities: The Restoration and Enhancement Program (R&E) is a grant program that provides $2–$3 million per year to fishery projects throughout Oregon. The program was established June 29, 1989, when the Oregon Fisheries Restoration and Enhancement Act of 1989 was signed into law. The program was reauthorized by the Legislature in 2009, extending its benefits to Oregon citizens and state fish resources through December 2019.

Funding is used to increase recreational fishing opportunities and improve commercial salmon fisheries by restoring state-owned fish hatcheries, enhancing natural fish production, expanding hatchery production, and providing additional public access to fishing waters.

The seven member R&E Board meets quarterly to review and recommend proposals to the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission for funding approval.


Information and Education Division
Address: 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-1142
Phone: 503-947-6011
Fax: 503-947-6009
Contact: Roger Fuhrman, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Information and Education Division leads outreach, education and marketing efforts tied to ODFW’s core mission and priorities. The division encourages the use and enjoyment of Oregon’s fish and wildlife resources by providing timely information regarding fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities through digital and printed material.

These include the ODFW website, which receives more than 4.2 million visits per year; weekly recreation reports sent to more than 22,000 subscribers and over 25 newspapers; email updates, text messages and RSS feeds with more than 40,000 subscribers; social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram; interactive online maps highlighting hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing opportunities, which have received more than a million views; and public information campaigns to increase sales of hunting and fishing licenses and related items.

Wildlife Division
Address: 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-1142
Phone: 503-947-6300
Fax: 503-947-6330
Contact: Ron Anglin, Administrator

Duties and Responsibilities: The Wildlife Division has direct responsibility for monitoring the numbers and health of wildlife species; setting population, conservation and management objectives; overseeing wildlife habitat restoration and maintenance; and regulating harvest of game animals. The division is organized into three key program areas.

The Conservation Program implements the Oregon Conservation Strategy, a blueprint for conservation of the state’s native fish and wildlife and their habitats. The strategy provides information on at-risk species and habitats, and recommends actions. It conducts statewide species surveys; coordinates management of threatened and endangered species; oversees the importation, possession and sale of non-native species; performs research on ecological requirements for non-game species; coordinates with the Marine Resources Program and Nearshore Strategy staff to oversee the health of marine mammals; and develops statewide plans to restore and enhance wildlife populations.

The Game Program works with landowners to prevent and reduce wildlife damage to agricul­tural and timber crops, conducts inventories of game mammals, establishes harvest regulations, conducts hunter surveys, and investigates wildlife diseases.

The Habitat Program oversees 16 wildlife areas that provide valuable habitat for native and migrating species, oversees statewide habitat development, conducts wildlife research projects, provides assistance to landowners for enhancement of private property for the benefit of fish and wildlife, provides technical assistance for reseeding lands burned by wildfires, and coordinates with other agencies to address land and water use issues associated with fish and wildlife habitats.

Access and Habitat Program
Address: 4034 Fairview Industrial Dr. SE, Salem 97302-1142
Phone: 503-947-6087
Contact: Matthew Keenan, Coordinator
Statutory Authority: ORS 496.228

Duties and Responsibilities: In 1993, the Oregon Legislature created the incentive-based Access and Habitat Program to improve public hunting access and wildlife habitat on private lands in Oregon.

The program’s motto, “Landowners and Hunters Together for Wildlife,” conveys its mission to foster partnerships between landowners and hunters for the benefit of the wildlife they value. The program also seeks to recognize and encourage the important contributions made by landowners to the state’s wildlife resources.


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