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The Barbara Roberts Human Services Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Department of Human Services. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

The Barbara Roberts Human Services Building in Salem houses the central offices of the Department of Human Services. (Oregon State Archives Photo)

Present Duties

The Department of Human Services (DHS) Director’s Office is responsible for overall leadership, policy development and administrative oversight for all programs, staff and offices in DHS. These functions are coordinated by the chief of staff with the Office of the Governor, the Legislature, other state and federal agencies, partners and stakeholders, communities of color, local governments, advocacy and client groups and the private sector.

Key functions include Federal Financial Policy, Governor’s Advocacy, Legislative Relations, Media and Communications, Legal Affairs, Rules Coordination, Tribal Relations, Community Engagement, Equity and Multicultural Services, Information Technology, the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Finance and Human Services. The Director’s Office includes the deputy director, who is responsible for Shared Services, Internal Audits, Business Intelligence, Licensing and Regulatory Oversight, Continuous Improvement, Business Supports, Adult Abuse Prevention and Investigations and Program Integrity.

The mission of DHS is to help Oregonians in their own communities achieve safety, well-being and independence through opportunities that protect, empower, respect choice and preserve dignity. DHS believes that every Oregon child and youth in its care deserves to grow up safely—with support for success in school; every Oregon adult deserves to live in safety—free from abuse, neglect and financial exploitation; every Oregonian has the right to live as independently as possible—with dignity, choice and self-determination; and every Oregonian can work to the best of their abilities to contribute to their family and their community.


Agency Subdivisions

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Contact Information

Mailing Address: 500 Summer St. NE, Salem 97301
Telephone: 503-945-5944
Fax: 503-581-6198
General Email:
Contact: Clyde Saiki, Director
Administrative Rules Coordinator Email: Jennifer Bittel
Records Officer Email: Sue Nelson
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Legal and Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 409.010
Budget Analysis (PDF) - by Legislative Fiscal Office
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Records, Publications and General Information

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