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Present Duties

Since 1981, the State Landscape Architect Board has registered individuals to practice landscape architecture. Registration as a landscape architect requires a degree, applicable supervised experience and passing national examinations. More than 450 landscape architects and 200 landscape architecture firms are registered in Oregon. The board consists of four registered landscape architects and three public members, appointed by the governor to four-year terms. The board oversees the practice and may revoke or suspend a certificate or restrict the scope of practice.

The board safeguards the public health, safety and welfare in the practice of landscape architecture as it relates to engineering, architecture, ground water, land use planning and landscape hazards. Landscape architecture has the dominant purpose of landscape preservation, development and enhancement. This includes reconnaissance, research, planning, landscape and site design and the preparation of related drawings, construction documents and specifications.


Contact Information

Mailing Address: 707 13th Street SE, Suite 114, Salem 97301
Telephone: 503-589-0093
Fax: 503-485-2947
General Email:
Contact: Christine Valentine, Administrator
Administrative Rules Coordinator Email: Christine Valentine
Records Officer Email: Christine Valentine
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Legal and Legislative Information

Statutory Authority: ORS 671.459
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Records, Publications and General Information

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