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State Treasurer Ted Wheeler

State Treasurer Ted Wheeler

State Treasurer Ted Wheeler

TED WHEELER, Oregon’s 28th State Treasurer, is a sixth generation Oregonian. He comes from a family of teachers and former millworkers, and the town of Wheeler on the Oregon coast is named after his great-grandfather, who founded a sawmill there in 1912. As an elected official, Ted is known for innovative solutions and a pragmatic approach to governing—first as commission chairman of Oregon’s most populous county and now as Oregon’s State Treasurer.

He led passage of the Oregon Investment Act to build a stronger job market and grow the state economy, and he created the Oregon Opportunity Initiative to make college and vocational training more affordable. In 2014, The National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems named Wheeler its Elected Official of the Year for working to increase retirement savings and options for private sector employees.

Driven by a passion for the outdoors, Trea­surer Wheeler was a longtime volunteer for Portland Mountain Rescue and a founder of Walk for the Wildwood Trail. His accomplishments beyond his job as treasurer include snowshoeing to the North Pole and summiting Mount Everest. He still climbs Mount Hood.

Ted believes that the position of treasurer means more than managing the state’s financial health. For him, it’s about making Oregon work better for every Oregonian.


State Treasurer Ted Wheeler
159 State Capitol, 900 Court St. NE, Salem 97301-4043; 503-378-4329


Ted Wheeler, Portland; Democrat; appointed 2010; elected 2010; reelected 2012; term expires January 2017.

The state treasurer is a constitutional officer and a statewide elected official. The treasurer serves a four-year term and, if reelected, can hold office for two terms.

The treasurer serves as the chief financial officer for the state and is responsible for the prudent financial management of billions of taxpayer dollars. The treasurer also serves as the state’s chief investment officer and has the duty of investing the monies of numerous funds such as the Public Employees Retirement Fund, the State Accident Insurance Fund and the Common School Fund.

The treasurer serves on a variety of state financial boards and on the State Land Board, which has a fiduciary duty to manage state trust lands for the benefit of the Common School Fund.

The Office of the State Treasurer is a highly sophisticated organization with a wide range of financial responsibilities, including managing the investment of state funds, issuing state bonds, serving as the central bank for state agencies and administering the Oregon 529 Savings Network.

The treasurer manages a portfolio of approximately $88 billion, with investments diversified across a spectrum of asset classes from stocks to real estate.


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