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Government Finance: Related Resources

A bald eagle. (Photo courtesy Brian Gaunt)

A bald eagle. (Photo courtesy Brian Gaunt)

The following resources offer more information about budgets, revenue forecasts, taxes, and related topics. Also see Oregon Topics: Taxation.


Oregon State Legislature


Legislative Fiscal Office
The Legislative Fiscal Office publishes detailed analyses of the Legislatively Adopted Budget and the Governor’s Recommended Budget.


Legislative Revenue Office
The Legislative Revenue Office publishes reports on revenue-related issues including Oregon Public Finance: Basic Facts, which serves as an introduction to how Oregon government is financed.


Department of Administrative Services


Chief Financial Office
The Budget and Management Division publishes The Budget Process Overview and Governor’s Recommended Budget.


Office of Economic Analysis
The Office of Economic Analysis publishes periodic Economic and Revenue Forecasts, as well as related demographic data.


Department of Revenue
The Department of Revenue publishes information about taxes in Oregon.


Oregon Transparency
Publishes information about state budgets and revenue in Oregon