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Members of the Oregon Senate: Hass to Shields



Hass, Mark

Hass, Mark
D—Dist. 14

Johnson, Betsy   D—Dist. 16

Johnson, Betsy
D—Dist. 16

Knopp, Tim R—District 27

Knopp, Tim
R—Dist. 27

Kruse, Jeff   R—Dist. 1

Kruse, Jeff
R—Dist. 1

Monnes Anderson,  Laurie  D—Dist. 25

Monnes Anderson,

D—Dist. 25

Monroe, Rod   D—Dist. 24

Monroe, Rod
D—Dist. 24

Olsen, Alan R. R—Dist. 20

Olsen, Alan R.
R—Dist. 20

Prozanski, Floyd   D—Dist. 4

Prozanski, Floyd
D—Dist. 4

Riley, Chuck  D—Dist. 15

Riley, Chuck
D—Dist. 15

Roblan, Arnie D—District 5

Roblan, Arnie
D—Dist. 5

Rosenbaum, Diane  D—Dist. 21

Rosenbaum, Diane
D—Dist. 21

Shields, Chip D—Dist. 22

Shields, Chip
D—Dist. 22