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Oregon Topics: Disabled Citizens

A disabled skier uses a sit-ski to race down a slope.

A disabled skier uses a sit-ski to race down a slope.

Oregonians with disabilities are served by a wide range of local, state, and federal programs. Many of these programs originated in the 1800s when attitudes were decidedly different from today. For example, the history of the Fairview Training Center reflects the changing strategies over the decades. Fairview first opened in 1908 as the State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and closed in 2000 after relocating most of its residents to small, neighborhood facilities. The Fairview experience typifies a philosophical evolution toward societal integration that also applies to services for other disabilities.


Nationally, the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has enhanced access to thousands of government and business locations but, as advocates point out, much work remains to be done. This guide focuses on Oregon government Web resources and touches on the larger universe of federal agencies and private organizations related to Americans with disabilities.



Revised 1/2017