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Oregon Topics: Disabled Citizens - Other State Agencies

Oregon Blue Book (includes contact information, agency history, records retention schedules, budgets, records held by the Oregon State Archives, and more)


Oregon Human Services Department information

Aging and People with Disabilities information


Oregon Commission for the Blind information

Oregon Education Department information (includes information about special education and the School for the Deaf)



Oregon Health Authority


Addictions and Mental Health Services

Adult Mental Health Services

Children's Mental Health Services

Client services

Topics from A to Z



Oregon Commission for the Blind (includes vocational rehabilitation; employer, senior, and youth services; independent living; and career services)


Living with Vision Loss

Business Services (includes recruitment and worksite analysis)


Employer Resources

Vocational Rehabilitation


Request Services



Oregon Education Department


Office of Learning, Student Services Unit

Oregon School for the Deaf

Special Education General Supervision


Children with disabilities (includes related education topics)



Oregon Office on Disability and Health (a collaboration of the Oregon Health & Science University and other entities to promote understanding of secondary conditions related to disabilities)


Disabled citizen property tax deferral information (Oregon Revenue Department)