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Oregon Topics: Environment/Natural Resources - Agencies A-F

Columbia River Gorge Commission (created through a bi-state compact between Oregon and Washington)



Oregon Agriculture Department


Land and Water

Pesticides and Fertilizers

Agricultural Water Quality

Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO)

Soil and Water Conservation Districts (SWCDs)

Drought and Disaster



Oregon Energy Department


For businesses

For residential customers

For schools (energy efficiency)

Renewable resources (includes wind, solar, etc.)

Programs and services (includes alphabetical list of programs such as bioenergy, solar, and weatherization)



Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)


About DEQ (includes organization chart, performance measures, and more)

News and events (includes press releases, notices, and meetings)


Air quality
Environmental cleanup (includes site information database)
Laboratory (includes methods, technical reports, and newsletters)
Land quality (includes hazardous waste, solid waste, heating oil tanks, and more)
Water quality



Oregon Fish and Wildlife Department


Resources...How do I?

Fish Division (includes reports, plans, and programs related to salmon and trout restoration, hatcheries, and more)

Wildlife Division (includes wildlife areas, wildlife diversity program, and more)

Fishing resources

Hunting resources



Oregon Forestry Department


About the department (includes mission statement, program overviews, and more)

Regional offices

State forests

Forest health management

Protection from fire

Private Forests Program (includes forest health, financial incentives, and regulation)

Urban and community forests (includes information on planting and caring for trees)