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Oregon Topics: History - Oregon and the Northwest

Oregon Blue Book (includes contact information, agency history, records retention schedules, budgets, records held by the Oregon State Archives, and more)


Oregon State Archives information

Oregon history narrative

Act of Congress admitting Oregon to the Union

Notable Oregonians


Cascades Recreation exhibit


Oregon Cemeteries exhibit


Oregon's Early Rural Schools


Oregon Beaches History

Woman Suffrage Centennial

Oregon Blue Book Centennial

Century Farms and Ranches

Depression Era Public Works

Lewis and Clark Exposition exhibit (memorabilia)

Historical Oregon trademarks (colorful old labels)

Oregon at Work (historical photographs of Oregon)



Oregon State Archives


Oregon Historical County Records Guide (includes maps, county and office histories, scenic images, and comprehensive descriptive inventories of selected records for all Oregon counties)

Provisional and Territorial Government Records Guide (includes detailed government histories and records descriptions covering 1843 to 1859)

Contact us (includes email history research services)

Web exhibits

Crafting the Oregon Constitution: Framework for a New State
Life on the Home Front: Oregon Responds to World War II (hundreds of pages of stories and images)
Oregon at War: World War I and the Oregon Experience (on the home front and battlefront)
A 1940 Journey Across Oregon
A 1940 Oregon Coast Tour
Sold in Oregon: Historical Oregon Trademarks (an exhibit of 174 of Oregon's most interesting trademarks from the late 1800s and early 1900s)
Highlights of the Archives (over 100 pages of colorful Oregon history)
Echoes of Oregon (educational resource featuring documents from before 1859)
Historic Photograph Database



Oregon Heritage Commission (Oregon Parks and Recreation Department- coordination of heritage projects)


Oregon Historical Society


Oregon Experience (history television documentaries from from Oregon Public Broadcasting)


Southern Oregon Historical Society


State Heritage Programs (Oregon Parks and Recreation Department- related to historic buildings, districts, and more)


The Museum at Warm Springs


National Historic Oregon Trail Interpretive Center


PBS Online - Lewis and Clark